OOEM is a comprehensive Enterprise Modelling Language.

Open repository for OOEM models
and much more:

Enterprise Model Operation Services

OOEM is the result of Sphenon's development and research efforts in creating our powerful model execution engine EMOS.

This engine provides enterprise solutions, ready for prodcution, which are controlled immediately by business domain models (i.e., OOEM).

Discover next generation BPM:
OOEM Models describe the business domain, it's structure and logic, as well as business processes.

They are precise enough to to allow the automated creation of appropriate IT applications while being abstract enough to be manageable by business domain experts.

OOEM is based on a subset of UML 2.0, augmented by UBPML Notation and a rich set of Extended Model Properties (XModel).

OOEM Models are comprehensive (dynamic and static enterprise structure), maintainable (single source), executable (as far as feasible by machines), modular and non-redundant (thereby flexible), aspect oriented (distinct concerns are expressed separately), artefact-focused (people are not regarded as mere "actors"), and open (everyone can use it).

For more information, you're welcome to contact Andreas Leue or Sphenon GmbH.